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LiveJournal/Dreamwidth posting events I am thinking of doing:

Clay - In May, I intend to post some photos of what I'm wearing, and descriptions of the clothes, and maybe I'll even tell you about what I've been doing on that day.

Flâneurs June Challenges - In June, I intend to do some of the Flâneurs Community June Challenges, which may involve getting on the first bus that comes along, going for walks, and so on.

Anyone else thinking of participating in either of these also?


Amiga Power Reunion

On Thursday, I went to the Amiga Power Reunion, which was great!

Amiga Power was a magazine that ran from 1991 to 1996, and was mostly about Amiga games, but often veered off topic and had concept reviews. It was full of humour and even on Thursday, I found myself laughing out loud on a busy train, as I re-read an issue. It was my favourite magazine when I was a teenager and even after all these years, I think it still is.

As well as being extremely amusing, it was a brave magazine, not afraid to give games properly low scores (such as International Rugby Challenge which got only 2%), in an era when other magazines would not.

The Amiga Power Reunion was an event run by the Guardian and had former Amiga Power staff members talk about what it was like to work at Amiga Power and discuss various features of the magazine. I laughed a lot during the event, and found out why they had an advert for F-Max - "The lightly sparkling fish drink", heard tales of the mysterious Jonathan Nash, found out more about the poppy cover controversy, and also found out how much fun they seemed to have working there. The audio is available here: The Amiga Power Reunion by Read-Only Memory.

Afterwards, there were drinks in the bar, and I met some of the mighty beings who were my teenage self's heroes and got their autographs on some old copies of Amiga Power! It was also excellent to meet other lovely people who were fans and we reminisced a lot.


Amiga Power and Linklater

I am totally excited today by the fact that there is an Amiga Power Reunion this evening! Amiga Power! My favourite magazine ever! (It closed almost 20 years ago now, so I am a bit surprised that there is such an event.)

Another interesting Guardian event I have bought a ticket to is: Preview screening of Everybody Wants Some!! plus Q&A with director Richard Linklater. Also exciting, as I am a fan of Richard Linklater.


Rainbows, tunnels, and a wild Pikachu

On Thursday, I saw a rainbow rose as I walked past a florist, and then later, an actual rainbow appeared in the sky! Later that evening, I made rainbow coloured paper flowers because I had a lot of left over tissue paper to use up. I tried adding LEDS to make them glow, but they were a bit too dim for it to work well.

I ate a bánh mì for the first time! At my office, every Friday, teams take it in turns to order lunch for everyone, and last Friday included bánh mì with tofu.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to The London Fortean Society’s Subterranean Saturday, and listened to talks on urban legends of the London Underground, secret tunnels of England, and the occult underground. The secret tunnels talk was the one that interested me the most, as I enjoy visiting such places and hearing about the existence of secret tunnels.

That evening, I went to Mario! A Super Musical. This was an amusing musical that involved the Super Mario Brothers and other Nintendo characters. Princess Peach decided that she no longer wanted to be rescued and would stand up for herself, Pikachu got tired of her Pokemon Trainer telling her what to do and left, Mario got kidnapped and Luigi wanted to take the lead, Falco and Toad fell in love, and of course, there were appearances of Sonic the Hedgehog!

On Sunday, I visited Crossness, a glorious Victorian pumping station, which I visited with a group of excellent friends and we wandered through the desolate marshes, and went on a bus ride through Plumstead/Thamesmead/etc, and saw brutalist buildings and horses roaming next to tower blocks.


Zines, cats and mushrooms

I wandered through the park past people with "Kale" sweatshirts, bluebells, daffodils, blossoming trees, pelicans and pigeons, and then I browsed zines in the ICA.
If you stand at a certain pedestrian crossing near Cardinal Place, and look down, the marks on the pavement look a bit like a cat.
This week's Time Out revealed that Curators Coffee serve a coffee that comes with mushroom consommé. I quite want to try it.


What I did in March 2016

Construction Tunnel at Charing Cross Station

I visited Charing Cross Station and had to wear a hard hat and high vis, and went through secret doorways and not open to the public passageways, and visited non-operational platforms (used often in films and also for testing things out) and a construction tunnel and a ventilation shaft.

I bounced on a raspberry jelly scented bouncy castle outside City Hall, with kekhmet and augeas. Bouncing is so much fun!

One Sunday, I headed east and wandered by the River Lea, past rusty looking gas holders and a sculpture made of shopping trolleys in the form of a double helix, which was commissioned by a supermarket chain on the 50th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s double helix structure and past a sculpture that was based on an anatomical 3mm section of human skin. It was sunny and the sky was blue. I then walked through Cody Dock and there was a sensory garden with dancing grasses and fairies in it. Then I headed to the city and wandered there, looking at sculptures, such as "Ghost" in the Leadenhall Market, which was actually a kayak. I then ate honey, rosemary and orange zest ice-cream, which was delicious.

One evening, I ate dinner with doseybat at Joy King Lau and enjoyed catching up.

I saw paintings based on photos developed in coffee, in Mark Entwisle's The things we forget exhibition at the Long & Ryle gallery.

I celebrated sbp's birthday at his excellent house party and drank Christmas cake liqueur and black forest gateau liqueur.

I wandered around the city with my mum and stared at photos of strange ceremonies in the city, taken by Martin Parr, and displayed in the Guildhall art gallery.

I felt sad after reading about and seeing pictures of sculptures that have long since been destroyed or gone missing, in the Out There: Our Post-War Public Art exhibition in Somerset House. My mum and I also concluded we would quite like to visit Harlow.

I celebrated kiss_me_quick's birthday at the Star of Kings and danced that night.

One evening, I ate dinner with deathboy at Ethos, and then we scribbled on cards with sharpies and planned the musical ball pit, which we hope to make for EMFCamp.

I went to an event on Experimental Writing at the Caroll/Fletcher Gallery.

I wandered around Streatham, holding hands with someone, past the ice-cream vans and the monkey puzzle tree.

I concluded that I shall always try to look butterflies in the eye, after hearing slightly frightening stories about pigs and chickens, told by Monika and Kat in the Windsor Castle.

I watched in awe as the pelicans in St James’s Park flapped their wings really close to where I stood.

I watched an odd, but rather depressing film which featured puppet sex at the cinema. (Anomalisa).

I saw the Information Superhighway exhibition with obandsoller at the Whitechapel Gallery, and saw works by and Douglas Coupland, and other artists.

I waved goodbye to a number of colleagues, who I will miss, and went to various leaving drinks and leaving lunches. I now have quite a few desks to myself and am concerned soon I will be the only person left.

I went to Pub Standards, and joined in with strange conversations about anti-popes and watched everyone marvelling over the book that figg had bought.

I watched videos of people cycling up trees and across and inside abandoned buildings in the Design Museum, and thought it looked cool, and contemplated taking up cycling. I also saw the Designs of the Year exhibition.

I went to a GeekGirl Meetup on sex tech, which had talks on subjects such as using Tinder for campaigns, such as trying to get Millennials to sign up as organ donors; designing toys, and also apps to control lighting, aroma, etc, to get you in the mood; Her, a dating app for women wanting to meet women.

I used the Derive app on my phone to lead me around one lunch time, and I looked for a green vehicle, walked away from someone who looked sad, stared at a crack in the pavement and imagined it was caused by a giant snail, and ended up lying on the grass in the sunshine in St James's Park, looking up at the clouds through the trees.

One evening, I had dinner at Tibits and ate a mixture of things, including lavender cheesecake for dessert and then at a bar afterwards, I drank a cocktail with a piece of lavender floating in it.

I went to the Search Party event, and met a mermaid who sung clues, followed arrows, tasted different kinds of water but failed to identify which was which so had to sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat as a forfeit, attempted hula-hooping and dancing, did some star jumps, played on a swing, sniffed herbs, failed to find a bird so had to whistle, played hook a duck, and then eventually found the party, and ate cucumber sandwiches there.

I ate food at Pop Brixton, including a jerk veggie bean cake wrap, yam balls, crispy kale, and drank some palm wine.

I got on the first bus that came along and then got off after 9 stops, and then got on the next bus that came along, and got off after 9 stops, and so on, for a few more buses, and ended up somewhere in the Lea Valley.

I visited Hastings on a sunny day, and walked on the beach with my mum, and watched the waves. We also went for a ride on a funicular, the West Cliff Railway.

I stared at photographs of the UK by international photographers that were Strange and Familiar in the Barbican, in an exhibition curated by Martin Parr. I also visited the conservatory and explored the hidden tropical oasis.


Never stop

A spell of glumness and despair was suddenly cured in Sainsbury's by reduced price vegan Easter eggs and a piece of wood that told me to never stop exploring.

Never stop exploring sign


What I did in February 2016

Snowy trees

I had a wonderful holiday in Tromsø, Norway!

I learnt to cross-country ski, and actually glided down a hill! Wheee!

I watched the wing of a plane being de-iced by a robot arm.

I saw many humpback whales and a few orcas from a boat which sailed around the fjords, and found that the moment when a whale flips its tail up seemed magical.

I saw the aurora borealis and it was totally amazing! The sky glowed with swirls of white, tinted with green and pink, but in photos, it all looks more green and even more dreamy. The lights danced and twisted and twirled, and looked like dragons, a piano being played, ribbons, a laser beam, fireworks, and heaven. Oh, it was wonderful.

I managed to say my room number in Norwegian and be understood! Sju hundre og ti.

I walked to the beach, past pedestrian crossing signs which had pedestrians with wings, and around the coast, which was pretty and snowy, and I stared at the distant mountains.

I played on the swings in the most northerly botanic garden in the world, which was covered in deep snow.

I went snow-shoeing amongst snow covered trees and gosh, it all looked so pretty. The trees were bowed with the heaviness of the snow and the light was soft and pink and blue, and it seemed magical, wandering through the deep snow in the forest. The guide told us that hanging from the tree branches was troll hair, and gave us lefse to eat.

I was taken to a frozen lake, which was covered with a thick layer of snow, and in the distance I saw a reindeer, and in the sky, a brief appearance of the northern lights, a single streak that soon vanished. It was cold that night and my hair became frosty as I looked up at the stars. The snow glistened in the lights of my head lamp. Then, on the way back to Tromsø, the aurora borealis became visible again. "Bellissimo!" one of my fellow travellers repeated excitedly, "bellissimo!" And then, at about 4AM, when I returned to my hotel room, I saw a ship outside the window, the MS Trollfjord, but before I could photograph it, it sailed away.

I ate brown cheese.

One afternoon, in Tromsø, I walked across a bridge to get to the Arctic Cathedral, which was an interesting looking building.

I visited the Perspektivet Museum and saw an exhibition on The Believers, which had photos of people with faith, and objects, from different religions.

I caught another glimpse of the aurora borealis from a plane.

I walked from Osterley to Boston Manor, on a tube walk. We walked through Osterley Park, and then through another park where there were intriguing arrangements of stones. We also saw cows and horses. I tried a sip of strawberry pepsi at the pub afterwards. I also remember seeing a sign that said, "Only the M4 passing by overhead is a rude reminder of the modern world."

I went to the private view of Neoliberal Lulz: Constant Dullaart, Femke Herregraven, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion, and Jennifer Lyn Morone, and also Manfred Mohr: Artificiata II at the Carroll/Fletcher gallery. I remember staring at samples of different artificial gold products.

I attended Pub Standards.

I attended Kay's work hen do and drank ice-cream cocktails. We had to write embarrassing stories about ourselves and she had to guess who had written what. Mine was a fictional story about the time I got turned into an ostrich, but she managed to guess correctly anyway.

I visited the Riverside Gallery in Richmond and saw The Surgeon's Scalpel exhibition, by Haydon Williams, and enjoyed looking at the otherworldly pictures of trees.

I attended darklily and captainmcdan's wedding reception and ate cake, chatted to friends from NaNoWriMo, tried to avoid the plastic plant that kept trying to get me, and listened to darklily sing beautifully. Congratulations to you both!

I stared at colourful and elaborate, but oddly still, mobiles in the Tate Modern, with my mum, at the Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture exhibition. We also admired the views from the roof garden at One New Change, and saw some of the Sculpture in the City exhibits - shoes made of copper, a structure made of many bicycles outside the Gherkin, and Damian Hirst's girl giant.

I went to Dorkbot and listened to talks on haptical feedback and biosensors in interactive dance, games such as Punch the Custard, DOOM piano, and Fabulous Beasts, and 3D printed sound sculptures, and papercraft electronics in schools.

I attended a focus group and watched people through a one way mirror.

I saw the Memepunks and danced until 4am at Club Antichrist with doseybat.

I went to pplfichi's birthday party.

I read How to make sense of any mess and attended UX bookclub and discussed it, as well as time travel and super powers.

I went to the Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick with Monika and saw pandas, zebras, dragons, flowers, jellyfish, wine glasses, sphinxes, and phoneboxes, that were actually lanterns.

I ate bright green pandan cake at Coffee Geek and Friends.

I marched against the Trident with my mum, and then had coffee with my brother and sister-in-law.

I saw Little Ben, which had returned to outside Victoria Station, after a four year absence.

I had a fun birthday. I wore a captain's hat and played in a red, yellow and purple ball pit and ate creme egg toasties at the Creme Egg Cafe. Then went to Fed by Water and had a spanky and a tiramisex. (Spanky was a vegan pizza with sausage and portobello mushrooms, and tiramisex was vegan tiramisu.) Also, played games and had game themed cocktails at the Scenario Loading Bar. (Deus Ex on the Beach! Skyrum! Final Fantas-tea XV!) And I saw lots of my amazing friends at these places! An excellent day!


The frozen lake

That night, I was taken to a frozen lake, which was covered with a thick layer of snow, and in the distance I saw a reindeer, and in the sky, a brief appearance of the northern lights, a single streak that soon vanished.

It was cold that night and my hair became frosty as I looked up at the stars. The snow glistened in the lights of my head lamp.

Then, on the way back to Tromsø, the aurora borealis became visible again.

"Bellissimo!" one of my fellow travellers repeated excitedly, "bellissimo!"

And then, at about 4AM, when I returned to my hotel room, I saw a ship outside the window, the MS Trollfjord, but before I could photograph it, it sailed away.


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