Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons


Alice's Adventures

At Alice's Adventures Underground on Tuesday night, I attended the Mad Hatter's tea party, blew a party horn in the royal court, crept around sneakily, saw the Cheshire Cat, stared at Alice through the looking glass, saw the Knave of Hearts attempting to paint white roses red, and had a great time in wonderland.

Also used an animated GIF photobooth:


Vanilla Black

obandsoller and I had dinner at Vanilla Black last week.

I had:

Dried Yeast Ice Cream with Red Pepper and Almond Milk Purée
Avocado Brioche, Cured Yellow Peppers and Yeast Extract

Fried Mushrooms, Sweetcorn and Tarragon Sponge
Pickled Mooli and Crumbs

Espresso Macaron and Whipped Blue Cheese
Sweet Potato Ice Cream and Wine Syrup

There was also an amuse bouche which I think was Grapefruit Gel with Star Anise Foam.

The starter was delicious and I enjoyed the marmitey ice-cream.

From the main course I mostly remember the bright green pieces of sponge. I also tried some of obandsoller's ash baked celeriac.

The dessert was also delicious. After reading about cheese that is eaten with coffee poured over it (kaffeeost), I had wondered if cheese and coffee could really go together, so there being coffee macarons with whipped blue cheese on the menu seemed like a good opportunity to try it. It surprisingly did work well!

I also tried some of obandsoller's smoked paprika fudge and builder's tea ice-cream.

I really enjoyed the food at Vanilla Black and it was good to catch up with obandsoller as well.


The Museum of Lies

Adjust the lies

I spent the weekend at an Art Hackathon. This took place at Ravensbourne, opposite the Millennium Dome, and the theme was "trickery".

The event started with talks by various artists about their interesting projects, such as playing bridges as if they were musical instruments.

Then after the talks, people pitched their ideas and teams were formed.

I joined a team whose aim was to create the Museum of Lies.

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Museum of water and steam, and Brewer Street Carpark

Last Sunday, tackline and I visited the London Museum of Water and Steam and looked at old engines, spinning and steaming, and we read about cholera outbreaks. I crawled through a pipe and found a rat! We also went for a ride on a little train, which was fun.

After that we headed to the Brewer Street car park and climbed the stairs to the top, where we found dark rooms with screens and patterns to watch.


Saturday - Boring Conference, Novelty Automation and Granary Squirt

I attended the Boring Conference on Saturday which was mostly quite interesting. There were talks on subjects such as the BT Tower, mountweazels, lifts, gasometers, museum text panels, love poetry, good bad films, diaries, the Stratford centre, rude words, the Casio F91W watch, wheelbarrows, camping on roundabouts, the Barbican, an audience wide game of Guess Who, a British earthquake scale, transgressions, and a person writing invoices.

tackline and I played Cyclepong after that at Novelty Automation. I lost two games, but I did win the Nobel Prize for discovering quantum triviality!

We then attempted playing Granary Squirt at Granary Square near King's Cross. This was like a game of snake but with fountains. You had to control the line of fountains (which formed the snake) with your phone by moving your phone to make it change direction. It was quite difficult to play.

We followed the canal and passed a gas holder and then ended up in Camden.


Bank holiday weekend

Jack in the green:
Jack in the green

My mum and I watched the procession at the Sweeps Festival in Rochester, to celebrate May Day. Chimney sweeps walked past, followed by the Jack in the green, and then morris dancers. We wandered up to the castle and many bubbles floated by.
I ate food at an Ethiopian restaurant to celebrate augeas' birthday, and then visited a goth club - Dead & Buried, which was apparently playing deathrock, old school goth, post punk, electropunk, new wave, cold wave, etc. I danced until 3AM that night.
On Sunday, I wandered through woods carpeted with bluebells at King's Wood in Kent, and got a little lost amongst the trees. The bluebells were wonderful.
A while ago, I found an URL scribbled in my father's diary, and downloaded Dear Esther. I wandered over cliff tops and looked down at the sea. I looked up at pretty stalactites as I walked through caves. I stared at paper boats floating on the sea.


What I did in April 2015


Tortoiseshell and peacock butterflies fluttered past, and in the wood, the bluebells were starting to bloom and there were many wood anemones and dog violets.

I went to the London Hackspace and learnt to pick locks (for sport).

I used a 3D printer and made a stickmen necklace.

Life turned into a game! I played Silverpoint, which was at first a pattern matching game, but then became an alternate reality game. I searched for Chloe, uncovered more of the story by playing the game, received phone calls and emails, visited a creepy hairdresser, looked for what was lost, and then at the finale, was led by a hooded figure through the darkness.

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Silverpoint finale

I received a phone call on Monday evening while I was on my way to Nottingham. It was from James, who had emailed me last week. He told me that the game had disappeared from his phone and that someone or something had got Chloe. "She has been singled out from the masses, identified, examined and betreasured. I don't think she's the only one," he told me. "You need to work out what happened to Chloe. Sure, she needs your help, but you've got to be careful."

On Wednesday evening, I went to the Winchester pub on Essex Road and met other people who had been playing the game. The group of us then waited outside a park and then a girl asked me where the bus stop for the 73 bus was, but I told her I didn't know. She then handed out phone numbers to people on folded up pieces of paper.

I dialled the number.

It was Chloe! She said she didn't know where she was, but was in a small concrete room. She said I needed to go and find her, and attempted to give various directions. I looked around me confused. "If you can find the staircase, then I think that's where I am. I'm at the bottom of the stairs."

I followed people to the building, and went past the symbol on the doorway, and then down the stairs, and it was dark. A hood was placed on me and I was led by a hooded person in the darkness.

I remember looking down into a deep pit, where I saw a person there, slowly
come into focus.

I looked at the people next to me in hoods and wondered if they were both real, and if I was then. "We're friends now, aren't we?" one of them said and I nodded.

Afterwards, I drank an Absolut Chloe cocktail that had nettle cordial in it, and an Absolut Rose cocktail, that had rosehip, and talked to strangers and friends in the bar.


Face the strange

Face the strange

(Seen while visiting Nottingham.)