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Zombie cam

Zombie cam
Just before Melbourne's 2009 Zombie Shuffle.

I've been looking for other photos of me that people took on the zombie shuffle, but can't find any! Bah.

I was carrying a butterfly net with zombie butterflies and eyeballs in it.

Bound to get you a date to your next LUV!

I shall eat their brains!

(Deleted comment)
I had to eat many people, I'm sorry.

(Deleted comment)
Awesome. Good mixture of wistfulness and ZOMGBRANES!!!

Thanks! There were some great costumes at the shuffle, and lots of blood everywhere.

Thanks! I like being a zombie.

Nice shade of blue. Is that a hat, or a tattered headwound bandage?

It's a flowery ribbony headband thing, bought in a toyshop (in the fairy section) that I always imagine to be called Zombie Toys, because the letters before "ombie" are usually hidden. :)

Shiny! (Well, gory really, but still =p)

Good to see Melbourne is full of lovely, lovely brains.

Was it actually a Zombie Shuffle, or more of a Zombie Lurch?

Beautifully done. Which isn't what I've generally associated with zombies.

No brains here... Move along please...


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