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Red Shoes

"There's someone wearing red shoes.

Take precise notes. Take the next left onto a public thoroughfare," the card from the Drift Deck told me.

The shoes were not completely red though, they had white bits on them also. They were trainers. The person was wearing a grey coat, with a hood that may have been up, or perhaps they were wearing a hat. I think they were wearing jeans. My memory of this person has already faded and my notes are not really very precise.

They were standing at a bus-stop though, presumably waiting for a bus. That's the important part. Where was the bus going to take them? I tried to imagine places they might be going.

Would the person with the red shoes get on that bus and take more and more different varieties of transport until they ended up at Shoemaker Road, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, in the USA? Perhaps the person with the red shoes was going there simply to buy an apple cherry walnut bagel from LeBus Bakery. Or maybe the person with the red shoes was going to Jodi Place in Guelph, Ontario, Canada to sit on the bench underneath a tree.

I stopped imagining and took the next left and it took me past the Headington Shark, and then after that, I went to work.

At the bottom of the card from the Drift Deck was a quote from Ivan Chtcheglov from Formulary for a New Urbanism.

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I arrived in Oxford the same week as the shark did - August 1986....

Hopefully not in a roof though? :)

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