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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Shortest Night

Stonehenge on the Shortest Night

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Wow. Next year, when I'm not locked in bidwriting hell...

(Your photos are awesome by the way)

I think it's worth going to if you've not been there at Solstice before. I've never really been very impressed with Stonehenge, but when you are actually next to the stones, can touch them, see the moss on them, and read the graffiti, they seem marvellous.

Thanks! I was a little worried about my camera after a random guy licked the lens, but it seems okay now.

My little Fuji survived the icy waters of the Antarctic (although now the lens protector sometimes gets stuck), I think modern cameras can take some abuse.

While we don't have Stonehenge in Iceland, we do have the benefit of tonight being the brightest night of the year with no darkness whatsoever. Now the days will grow shorter as we start the trek towards the time when it will not get light at all. I am torn in deciding which I like more...walking home in the light with everything blooming and growing around me, or walking home in the dark of night as snow billows, my breath forms clouds and there is a chance I might see the Northern Lights sweep over the city. Give me a couple more years here and I might just make up my mind. :)

Sounds amazing, both the night with no darkness and the dark nights with snow and the possibility of Northern Lights. I can see why it would be hard to choose between them!

stunning photo Jodi!!

how did you get close enough to the rocks

I was told Stonehenge the rock formations was all fenced off and you could not get anywheres near to the stones as these ppl appear to be ib the piciture.
They, you, look close enough to actually touch the stones.


You can only get close to the stones and touch them during the Solstice.. the rest of the time, it is indeed fenced off.

and I will soon find out

how far away is stone henge I'd really like to go there

That's fantastic! I was thinking of you. I heard on the radio there were 20,000 people who turned up. That's a lot more than I would have expected. Yes, I'd heard about it all being fenced off too, but this looks pretty cool.

Other years, I have heard that about 30,000 people have turned up. I wonder if there were less people due to Glastonbury?

Actually being allowed to touch the stones was quite cool, even if at times it was so crowded, it resembled a mosh pit.

On my first trip to the UK in '87, I was so hyped to see Stonehenge and then so dissappointed that you couldn't actually go near the stones. I think it was the first year they had the rope line around it. :o(

We don't have any old stones here but I sat on a park bench with a fella -- that's its own kind of ancient ritual. One even older then Stone Henge.

That's a nice photograph. Damn it, I am determined to take some time off and see the solstice there whatever the weather. I am already forming a Mad Idea - take some holiday and take in Glastonbury festival. Only go in as a litter picker so you earn your ticket!

Anyone up for that?

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