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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The ashes of dead plastic bags fluttered from cupboards as she prepared to move.

She piled up her belongings against the windows, squashing the boxes of Lego underneath notebooks full of discarded dreams, jamming layers of t-shirts with band names on next to bags of different coloured sand collected from faraway beaches, and so on, until she was left with (amongst other things) a CD player, but no CDs, lilac boots she'd sworn she'd never wear again, and a bed that seemed to lack a magical bedknob (to transport herself and it), which she probably had to soon discard.

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The icon looks appropriate in the circ.s Is that from Dungeness, by any chance?

Good luck - you found anywhere exciting to go in the interim?

Yeah, it's Dungeness. :) I am moving to Kent temporarily at least, so at least it's the right county.

Current plan consists of:
August 13th - Kent.
August 23rd - Costa Rica.
September 7th - Kent.
September 13th - London. (Hopefully.)

Japan bit the dust then. I'm sure you'll find fun things in CR, provided there isn't a coup in the next month.

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out the Gotrmlery exhibition at the Hayward.

I figured I wanted more trees than Japan would offer. :) This is the trip I am going on: Costa Rica Adventure.

The Gormley, yeah, I should definitely try to make it there before it ends!

The other thing I am going to make an effort to see is the Dali exhibition at tate Modern - I don't know if it's the same one that's been chugging round Europe for a couple of years (could have gone to see it in Venice, for instance). I had thought it was only his films, which don't interest me, but apparently it's the paintings as well...

I am crrently dickering with a large, adventurous trip to Australia...

I saw a Dali exhibition in Vienna, which was quite cool, but after that, felt like I'd perhaps seen too much Dali. Oh, I like Dali, but I feel like if I see it too often, it becomes less appealing.

Trip to Australia.. Will you visit Ramsay Street? ;)

I have a fair amount of Dali in book form, but thy are nice in original format, like Hopper, which was the biggest retospective I've been to to date.

Not a Neighbours or Hom Away man myself, I'm afraid. The Oz plan is:

a) in initial germination stages, and
b) deeply inimical to my thrifty Northern sensibilities...

Just had a look at the dossier for that one. Looks pretty fabulous - not my kind of travel, but can certainly see the attraction. Hope you have a wonderful time.

I usually seem to end up in cities when on holiday, but I figured this time I wanted to go somewhere more scenic.

You won't get much more scenic than that. Much of cenmtral and northern South America is spposed to be stunning, if unstable. Ecuador and Peru are supposed to be knockouts, for instance...

I was just looking at Japan from Google Earth, and oh my there's a lot of housing in there! But you can turn on an overlay of Volcanic info and suddenly it looks like they have a bunch of those too. Although the icons misleading imply they are of the "lava boiling out the top" variety.

Any volcanic housing? :)

In Lanzarote, I visited Cesár Manrique's house that had rooms within volcanic bubbles, which was quite cool.

Good luck with the trip!

...And the dreams are not discarded until the notebooks are discarded.

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