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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Kent, Southampton, London

I'm in Kent now and am tempted to play amongst the hay bales.
I watched Before Sunset again recently and am thinking about the scene where Céline says, "Now that we've met again, we can change our memory of that December 16th. It no longer has that sad ending of us never seeing each other again. Right?" and Jesse replies, "Yeah, you’re right. I guess a memory is never finished. As long as you're alive..."

I suppose that's how I'm trying to think at the moment, about Southampton, that my memories of it aren't finished.
I received the Open House London guide for September 15th and 16th and am trying to decide what to see. Is anyone else intending to go?

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Ooh - I had forgotten about Open ouse, as I usually do.

I am toying with going away somewhere that weekend, but if I don't I shall certainly be around for some architectural interest...

Booking opened today for some places, hence why I am contemplating it now. I am thinking of actually not going to the Neasden bunker this year and possibly just going to some places near to wherever I move to, but am unsure yet!

Oh yes oh yes! Open House weekend!

Except it's really frustrating on their website map thing to find out what's open. Can't there just be a simple list? Off the top of a few random searches, the Art Deco in Wood Green looks like it's pretty, there's obviously the Neasden Bunker, and theres a strange thing called Village Underground which appears to be decorated abandonded old tube trains, which would be my sort of thing. I'm sure there's a lot more I'd like too, but I need to prod their website a bit more.

I think this might be the 2006 list, but should be fairly similar?

I have the printed booklet, which is easier to look through.

I was just thinking yesterday, that there will be a last time you see for everything.

That's not helpful, is it?

I love that movie for exactly reasons like that line.

There are a lot of great things about it, indeed. :)

I'd hope they were round ones, the square ones get boring after a few hills...

There were many of them, but I have yet to get up close enough to see if there were any klein bottle shaped hay bales.

Oo, I'm very tempted - which do you recommend? :)

hay bales sound fun
reminds me of my aunt Agnes's old farm- she saw me lain on a hay bale she thought I'd passed out from the heat I was just lain down smoking a cigarette looking, contemplating at eh cloudless Ontario sky Aunt Agnes comes bounding over Leanne get up are you okay? I say yeah I'm fine I was just resting thank you for worrying.

nice quote I had not seen that film yet. about the only person not yet seen that film. it is one to ponder on

thank you for the parcel. Expect one back I will mail it on the weekend. No post office is around my work and I work during postal office hours what are the odds they work same hours as me??

that is a very pretty picture of you in your icon there.

The rain has started here, so no laying on hay bales for me at the moment. :(

I definitely recommend seeing the film. Linklater rocks!

The picture of me in the icon is about a decade old, I think!

I am being staff for the Kew Herbarium Open House thing sat afternoon. Going up the gherkin does sound tempting.

Perhaps you could preserve the gherkin and include it in the herbarium!

I am very tempted yes...

Anything in particular you're thinking of going to see? I always find it hard to decide.

i always plan to do open house, never really get round to seeing very much. i've been inside the treasury though.

I mailed off your parcel yesterday to you @ Kent address! I hope you get in a week or so.
I had to wait a bit in the line up and wait for the clerk to come back from coffee so I picked up a card for you and I wrote in it before I paid is that stealing? :) I did pay for it when I paid the postage.

Mum was watching the is programme today called relocation <- -> relocation and this family relocated to Kent- very beautiful. I am so excited to see you and Kate & Antonella and see all these amazing cities and country and architecture and history and and the Manics of course.

I keep wanting to ask stupid questions like "do they really have straw bales in England?"

I just have a hard time imagining the country that has London also having mile after mile of fields.

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