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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Lava and Plantains

Today, I´ve mostly been watching a volcano spew lava and rumble.

Yesterday, I left the remote lodge I had been staying at in the rainforest by tractor, and now am in the town of La Fortuna.

Food mostly consists of rice and beans (even for breakfast). Sour cream ice-cream, plantains, crisps made of yuca, strange fruits, rum from Nicaragua (not that I purchased it there, but I did go to Nicaragua!) have also been consumed.

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I believe volcanos are good at the spewing-of-lava and the rumbling. It's what they do. It's time to get worried if it wants to take you fishing in its sleep. Was it a pretty and glowy volcano? Can you bring it home with you? (maybe it doesn't have a passport, alas!)

Sour cream ice-cream will be my next ice-cream. I'm not sure it'd work with balsamic vineger, but garlic might just do it. Sour cream and garlic ice-cream. Yes! I'll try that! :)

Volcanos do not always spew lava when you want them to! We waited for hours for it to glow bright red and had to eat much pizza in the meantime. I have left the volcano where it was and am now near to Quepos. There are no volcanoes here, but butterflies and waterfalls and beaches and iguanas!

Sour cream ice-cream tasted like a mini-milk really. I have been eating cas flavoured ice lollies.

Sour cream and garlic ice-cream, hmm, ¿how does that taste?

(Deleted comment)
It is very hot at the moment! Luckily there is the sea and waterfalls to cool down in.

wow! ive.. er.. been on a tube train. and then another tube train.

There is apparently a jungle train here!

Just been gazing blankly at CNN at work. Say hello to Felix for me if you see him!

I think I´m safe. Maybe.

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