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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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During the past few days, I have been driving around the Kent countryside, searching for corners. There seemed to be surprisingly few and I even looked on a map for corners, but then realised just how few roads there actually are, compared to in Southampton, and most of the time I ended driving down overgrown country lanes.

Yesterday, I swerved onto a grass verge, but am now allowed to drive through Weird Wood and Starfield alone.

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congrats on passing your test.

Oh I missed the news that you'd passed. Grats!

I've missed reading your posts.
And well done on the driving...something I've never managed to learn

I used to love doing that sort of thing when I first passed my test, too. I was living with my parents in Malvern at the time, so there were plenty of country lanes to get lost in. Congrats on passing :)

Hmmm, what sort of corners were you looking for?


that is exciting news

Try the north of the Highlands. The A roads are single track with passing places, and the closest placed are often accompanied by signs like "Ullapool 110"

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