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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Me, applying blood to my leg. Photo by Chris (a06987).

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Some sort of Amy Winehouse tribute?

What am I? A floating head? Let me know if you spot the rest of my body parts anywhere.

I must also add that I very much approve of the schoolgirl zombie fashion *smallsmile* :) :) :)

A floating head, it seems so. I've seen a few photos of you standing outside the cathedral before blood was involved.

The real schoolgirl zombies looked cooler!

And if your now do a search on YouTube for "London Zombie Walk" and look at the videos posted in the past week or so, then there's lots of shots of us there. The camera person was right behind us when we zombied our way through the Tate Modern. Eeeek!

You should also look for the one over 9 minutes long - they've edited together all the good bits and added scary music and commentary on the zombies! :) :) :)

me and landvaettir were spectating around Bankside (although we didn't see you). fantastic stuff!

You should have joined in!

Wow, how cool do you look!

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