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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Careers and Norfolk

Sometimes during lectures, we're given career talks from random companies. Potential careers seem to involve:

1. Stability testing of gravestones.
2. Reviewing parachute folding procedures.
3. Useability of tampon instruction leaflets.
4. Playing Wii sports.
5. Watching people through one-way mirrors.

Monday's class trip involved the latter. After that, tiredness and hunger gave way to paranoia and me wondering whether the street I was walking up (Archway Road) mostly consisted of one-way mirrors. Every shop window displaying a reflection and even postboxes painted with potentially one-way postbox red and pavements in one-way grey, I wondered about. Perhaps this is the first stage in acquiring the super power to see through walls?

gevurah has suggested I wear a mask made of a one-way mirror.

At the weekend, I saw a 950 year old tree, walked across the beach in California, drove a boat past reeds, herons, moorhens and windmills, saw the sunrise and the trees covered in mist, and wandered around the cobbled streets of Norwich. Then we looked into the water and saw a very vivid reflection of a bridge and wandered where that bridge led to (somewhere different entirely to where the real bridge led to).

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"gevurah has suggested I wear a mask made of a one-way mirror."

...oriented which way? Would you like to see yourself as others see you, or have others see themselves the way you see them?

So that other people see themselves just reflected on my face, where as I just see them as normal.

I wonder what would happen if someone else was wearing a similar mask.

that would be an interesting super power.

Can they be combined?
The wii game about parachutes and unstable gravestones would be good.
The watching through one way mirrors while people test the usability of tampons ... not so much.

Hmm, maybe today's career talk will reveal how they can be combined. Possibly with eye-tracking. There must be some eye-tracking in there somewhere.

I definitely wouldn't want to watch people testing tampons through a one-way mirror!

Today's career talk was on nuclear power stations (although submarines were occasionally mentioned also). I don't even like to think how that can be combined with the other careers!

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