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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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London seems full of enchanted forests. I just found another: The Evil Twins – A Haunted House in the Enchanted Forest.

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ooooooh! Am intrigued! But it seems to be entry at Special Events only, which would require being very organised.

I've had fairy lights running through my head all day. I wonder what forests dream of?

The Haunted House seems to be open at weekends though, so could check that out sometime and maybe get more information about the Enchanted Forest.

What a wonderful little slice of strangeness.
There is a house that I often pass on my way into London that is this overgrown tiny old building with griffon heads by the gate, squeezed between two other normal looking houses... there are these little gems everywhere...

If you do work out when it's on (if it still is, I can't find an end date), then count me in too! (and I can give you your money)

we have an Enchanted Forest in Oregon---
it is a cheap/kitzch disneyland wannabe where storybook characters are positioned in different places... one or two rides... it is. odd.

hope the brit one is much better than that.

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