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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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New Forest

This one might not be enchanted.

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My parents live in the middle of the new forest, it was always be enchanted to me

Just because there is no leaflet saying "Enchanted Forest" doesn't mean it isn't. :)

Even if not enchanted, it's certainly enchanting.

And that is a seriously good picture of it. As I've said before, you should come and see some of Paul Evans's work at some point - it would appeal to you if you like that kind of view...

Damn, you beat me to that play-on-words :)

Oh, it must be enchanted. One only has to look:)

Beautiful picture.

It's only new if the faeries have stolen you away for a few centuries. Not enchanted. Hah.

I saw a muntjac on a country road near Newmarket late on Saturday night. It surprised me, since I didn't know there were mini-bambis in England.

Oh but it might be...

Would you believe that I've never been to the New Forest?

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