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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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(Made at the Pembury Tavern, during ewtikins' collage session.)

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(Deleted comment)
He was just some random guy I cut out of Wired.

The words would make a good rubber stamp, yes!

way cool

I tought of you as I took all sorts of card-board to the recycle bins yesterday :)

Today we had to make cardboard phones.

abigailb says she might have that NME that you wanted. :) It was the 12th of January issue?

hey htere

our Liz in PDX found a copy from Jan 09 008 w/ the gig review :)

it;s December 19th issue I am on the hunt for

I soooo appreciate you looking for me :)

cardboard more cardboard- oh no

is there an end to the cardboard?
can you not take the cardboard mush it up and paper mache phone and stuff??

and I thank your friend Abi for thikning of me

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