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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Party Remnants

I've noticed the flesh wounds scattered around my bedroom now, but when I awoke some hours ago, I found there were leaves still tangled in my hair, as if I'd been sleeping in a forest.

The secret passageway still twinkles with fairy-lights and bloody hand-prints on leaves, but the zeppelin has flown away. The television is looking normal again after watching fragments of last year's party at 5am, and triffid-vision is no longer an option - the green mat that shielded the screen, as if triffids might sprout at any moment has been removed. Music for plants has stopped playing. The green whip hangs from a wardrobe now. The mashed up triffid lime cordial jelly with kiwifruit and grapes, made in a flower-shaped mould has all been eaten, but there is a little bit of rosewater jelly left. The neon balloons are more like turned-off neon, but perhaps they always were. Blindfolds have been removed. The pass-the-parcel with body parts, mechanical plants, sherbet dib-dabs, and forfeits that involved sending love-letters to zombies has been destroyed. My arm is still covered with blood from the 1980s though.

Thank-you for coming, triffids and the undead.

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It sounded like a damn fine party though. If you come to one of mine I cannot promise triffids, but I have plenty of glowing lights and veggie nibbles. When there will be one watch this space...

Marios and Paul brought along a bunch of random zombies they knew from Durham with them. :)
I guess there must have been a lot of zombies there?

Thank you for having me! I accidently left my mechanical plant behind.. *sniff*

The plant is currently residing by the microwave. I am not sure why.

Please could I have her back if she doesn't hate me for abandoning her on the floor?

The flesh wounds we disturbingly evenly distributed among almost everybody there and I must have been tired because they kept looking real..

Sure, she seems unwounded!

The flesh wounds, hmm, yeah, perhaps at times they became real? I washed off the blood from my arm and found there were real scratches underneath!

(Deleted comment)
You are scared of zombies? ;)

sounds like a lovely party, darling!
the translyvanians on this side of the pond
thank you for keeping our rites and rituals
alive and well :) x, a/nyc

I hope all is going well in New York!

bickichick sent me a DVD of J-Pod, so I'm hoping I actually have enough time to watch it tomorrow. :)

give it a chance...it's so different to see doug in this medium...
it's wild...enjoy! -a

SHIT!!! I now know what I forgot to put on the calender. Opps. Sorry!

Edited at 2008-03-03 09:38 am (UTC)

Maybe by my next birthday I will be in Australia, so you will have to come and party there instead. :) Although there might be less zombies.

Thankyou for having me. I had a wonderful time as always, it's only a shame I had to go so soon. But at least I was able to stay long enough to play pass the parcel.

I am now (by circuitous route) back in Southampton. I have a cake tester and a tiny measuring glass marked out in 5ml steps. You may find that my blind man's cane has miraculously metamorphosed back into a rail for hanging net curtains, like Cinderella's pumpkin coach. Keep it or dispose of it as you see fit.

Thank-you for coming!

A cake tester? Can you not test cakes yourself by eating them?

Maybe I'll borrow the blind man's cane and wander around Highgate Cemetery.

Glad it was good and happy birthday (belatedly)! Sorry for not coming; I had to support miss_newham that night with her DJing.

Another person scared of zombies? ;)

Why I was just at a zombie party in January. I feel me and the zombies have an understanding...

'twas a great night, thanks! I miss my cheek-mata though ;)

Sorry I had to leave early, I was having a really nice time!

For those people I was rabbiting about films with (whose online identities I don't know), I do have another one that's full of entirely unlikable people but still utterly watchable, which is Dead Man's Shoes. (In case any of them happen to notice this post. I'm sure there are more!)

By 5am, we were watching the penis exhibition, oh dear!

Wasn't there, sorry, but if you will have a party the same night as the last ever Mission gig...

I bet there were zombies lurking there as well. :)

Well 4 nights in a row is a long time to be partying for people in their 40s and 50s...

Sorry to miss it - I had to be at Poptimism early, or I would have called by to wish you a happy birthday. I'm sure triffids can be defeated by giant slugs, though fluffymark told me I was confusing them with lettuce...

Maybe celery can be defeated by slugs? Hmm.

I didn't see that whip get used after all that effort. Probably a good thing.

Thanks for having me - it's always great to see you.

I think I would have been better off putting together music as opposed to a whip! Oops. :)

I wasn't there for the music. The whip on the other hand...

[Yes, the whip was there for the music.]

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