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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Sign by Bill Drummond.

"It's never dull in Hull", proclaimed cheerleading outfits in the window of Hull's Tourist Information Centre, and inside the shop, beermats agreed with this and t-shirts told of "One Hull of a night".

I was visiting Hull for a second time and found my fascination with cream telephone boxes had strangely decreased.

The first stop on my visit was The Land of Green Ginger, a well-known street that is home to England's smallest window. cerebros_vivos and I walked past the window a few times before spotting it outside the George Hotel. Apparently porters used to watch for coaches out of it, when the George Hotel was a coaching inn.

After that, we visited the Ferens Art Gallery and looked at paintings of boats and then the Maritime Museum, which mostly contained rather disturbing artefacts and depictions of whaling.

The Streetlife museum was a little more jolly and I took photos of cream phone boxes and trams, unicorn sleighs and ancient vending machines.

We wandered through the Hull and East Riding Museum, looking for slaves, until we realised we were in the wrong museum for that.

That night we visited the Adelphi Club and watched some bands. The Adelphi is an unusual club, since one of its bars is the front of the bus, and signs on the wall (by Bill Drummond) claim that "Hull is twinned with your darkest thought."

Friday saw us exploring the streets of Hull and finding many of the interesting-looking trees that are carved with unicorns, dragons, fairies, owls, cats, puffins, toadstools and mermaids.

More photos on Flickr: Kingston-Upon-Hull.

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Sounds good. Going to see the pictures now.

I have a couple of friends in Hull, mostly miss_amethyst who I don't think you know yet.

You probably know this, but 'cerebros vivos' means 'live brains' in Spanish.

Hope all is well with you.

It didn't smell of chocolate this time though, which was disappointing. I think perhaps I didn't go to the right part of Hull for that, since last time it smelt of chocolate.

I don't think I know miss_amethyst, but I am not surprised that cerebros_vivos has her on his friends list, since he seemed to know everyone in Hull. :)

I love Hull! I must return! Did you do the Fish Pavement?

I think we did the elephant pavement? Or at least, the pavement seemed to be covered in elephants!

Why go to Hull? It sucks at your life and your soul. The sole moment of joy is departing the damp stenches of the Humber estuary with a palpable lifting of the spirits.

It's never dull in Hull!

(Deleted comment)
It didn't occur to me that it is the name of a song. :)

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