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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Rainforests, wishes and angels

Wishing Tree
Make a wish.
Locations which may or may not still exist in Leeds,, but mostly did at the end of March 2008:

1. The goth section in a charity shop. (May have disappeared, since I last saw it a few years ago.)
2. The rainforest; the swamp; the desert.
3. The place where owl-monkeys brawl.
4. The place where you can buy plastic caterpillars.
5. The strange home-made books exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery.
6. The restaurant where you can eat orchids and flowers carved out of raw potato.

I ran out of time to see all the books in "From book to book" at Leeds Art Gallery, but I now imagine some of them must have looked like this: Don't try this at home!.

From Leeds, renegade_badger and I headed north to County Durham to find the High Force Waterfall. Passing mossy bridges and following the river through trees, led us to the spectacular waterfall. The water pounded down, with mist spraying us and our cameras, and leaving branches of trees looking somehow like lightning. I found a wishing tree there at the bottom of the waterfall, with coins dug into the branch, like scales.

In Durham, there exists a fine cathedral, many colleges, cobbled streets, a large muddy-looking river, a castle, and a giant chair, but I did not see any trees which were once witches.

The sun had gone before we reached the Angel of the North, but we circled the giant anyway, wondering just how large the wings were, touching the cold metal and looking across at the nearby city lights.

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I have to know.

Where is the place where you can buy plastic caterpillars?

You can buy them in Tropical World.

(Deleted comment)
Looks cool!

I also have a few altered books I started and never finished. I don't think I'll ever finish them, but occasionally I still alter bits of them.

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