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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Hoops and Ghosts

The day that Oriental City closed, I took the tube to Colindale and from the window, saw a couple dancing in front of the "Golders Green" sign. Inside the shopping centre, after peering at stray cables for sale, sushi erasers and candied olives, I drank a pineapple milkshake with hundreds and thousands sprinkled over it, and cute bear-shaped wafers. It was also the day of the Camden Green Fair, and there I watched people play croquet through hoops adorned with broccoli and radishes, while the sky was gloomy.

The day after that, I felt like a ghost, wandering through the city where I used to live, noticing little details. I laid awake that night in someone else's bed, listening to the raindrops pound on the skylights, feeling like I was on holiday, in a tent or caravan, where the rain always sounds louder than in normal life. It rained all day, hindering the plans I had made to go to the New Forest, so I bought Southampton Common.

Back in London, I took an MP3 tour of Highgate, and listened to descriptions of postboxes and ponds. I'm not that interested in Dickens though, so perhaps I'd be better off listening to fiction? Kjeldskov, J. and Paay, J. discuss augmenting the city with fiction and that seems somehow more interesting.

I've started playing PMOG and SF0, and am pretending they are work.

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I PMOG as kagayaki. Who're you?

omg they shut Oriental City after all??

Argh i never got a chance to go there one last time! ;_;

The supermarket was almost empty, apart from candied olives and candied sweet potatoes. It was quite sad.

Oh, are you going to Dorkbot next Wednesday?

Ahh ;_;

Hmm not sure, hadn't thought about it. Thanks for reminding. Might do!

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