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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Nurse With Wound and Andrew Liles

Floating in the deep end of the swimming pool, I watch the clouds drift through the blue sky. My ears are submerged in the water and I can hear the music that is playing at the Wet Sounds gig at the London Fields lido. Although you can hear most of the music above water, there are certain sounds you can hear much more clearly underwater. Sometimes I see a faraway plane or a bird fly past, or a leaf falling from the sky, or I tread water for a while and watch the balloons bouncing around or the other people, floating with the aid of coloured foam, amongst the upside-down rubber ducks.

When Nurse with Wound perform, the sky has turned to grey and clouds have overtaken, and the water seems colder and colder, and I shiver. One song they play makes me think of being lost at sea, with ghost ships lurching and creaking nearby. Another song has words that you can barely hear if you are above water, but underwater, the words are audible and it's almost like the singer is eerily whispering to you.

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That sounds like such a interesting gig.I know that NWW do like to play experimental venues and it is nice to hear about it taking place in the UK.

That sounds like a pretty fascinating idea, if I a) hadn't just flown home and b) knew about it I might have come along.

Now I wonder what Mono or Sigur Ros would sound like in the same setting?!

good to seeya :)

Was pretty amazing. What I found particularly disconcerting was listening to recorded water sounds underwater during Andrew Liles set. Meta-water.

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