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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Currently in Japan, but going to New Zealand tomorrow.

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Ohayo! ...and G'Day (Or jolly good morning, Sir, if it's Christchurch NZ instead of Auckland).

Konbanwa! (Currently at Tokyo Narita airport, waiting for my flight.)

Yay! Did you manage in the end without finding any toilets that deserved a journal paper?

Well, there were toilet seats that were heated and toilets that had fluffy toilet seats, and there were frequently special toilet slippers you had to wear.

Hey Jodi

Hope all is going well

Did you get eh parcel I sent before you left if not I hope it can be forwarded to you when you get to Austrailia

Hey Leanne!

I am now in Melbourne, Australia.

I did indeed get the parcel you sent - thanks for that! :)

Aha! I was wondering how the trip was going. Obviously you're having far too wonderful a time to keep us LJ peons informed. Good !

But I expect a full report at some point :P.

I now have more frequent internet access again, so may write more. Or at least post photos. I am now in Australia!

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