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Art in Christchurch

Melbourne was a surreal city. The people moved around the streets in jitters, like they were people that weren't quite whole, like there were a few different realities converging in the streets of Melbourne, and on the trains and roads with cars that shimmered in and out of existence. I knew this before I arrived in Melbourne.

(I had wandered into an art gallery in Christchurch, New Zealand and saw videos of Melbourne in the Daniel Crooks: everywhere instantly exhibition, just before I flew to Melbourne. Soon I should actually begin to explore Melbourne and see if it really is like the videos.

Christchurch's art in public places was a little bit stranger.. In the main square existed a giant purple sperm with a bed inside it, and outside the Arts Centre, a petrol engine memorial park, with cars due to die draped in wreaths of dead leaves.)

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yeah I am glad you got there all safe & sound!!!!
maybe you are in the videos-

Wherever you go, wierd it is. :)

Melbourne surreal? Really? Maybe like I find london Surreal, possibly.

Love, if you need a guide to the good, yet often hidden, bits of Melbourne, Let me know. Am back in town from the US jaunt.

The alleyways between bourke st, collins st and Flinders Lane in the city are a good place to start. Actually Flinders Lane is a good place to start of those.

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