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Ghibli Museum

Robot Soldier
We headed back to Tokyo and jumped aboard a catbus at a bus-stop that had a picture of Totoro on it, and it took us to the Ghibli Museum. The first Ghibli film I ever saw was Laputa: The Flying Island, when it was broadcast on ITV, and it appealed to the 8 or 9 year old me. Although I am now a bit older, meeting a robot soldier from Laputa on top of the Ghibli Museum, and finding a Laputa cube was still great. Inside the museum, Totoro, the Catbus and friends leapt around manically inside a stroboscope, brightly flickering and running in circles, and I felt like I was hallucinating. Another room inside the museum was decorated as if it was Miyazaki's office, and was covered in a jumble of random books and weird artefacts. Other rooms displayed sketches and zoetropes, and a weird miniature Louvre. There was also a large Catbus, but only children were allowed to play on it. We watched a short film - The Whale Hunt, which was amusing, and also saw clips from the new Ghibli film- Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.

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I saw a documentary on that museum once! How fun that you got to see it. Does the new Ghibli film look good?

i hear the new ghibli film is quite nice, but really for children.

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