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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Are you going round the twist?

Are you going round the twist?
Poll #1316665 Round the Twist

Have strange things happened?


What strange things?

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The cultural reference is lost on me but I wanted to comment on your photo.
I spotted that on flickr earlier and thought it was really well framed and exposed. Getting the balance right in bright sunlight is difficult and you did a great job. :o)

I can't tell you the strange thing in the poll box, because it only provides enough space to tell the first line of the story. So I will reveal it here instead...

I mentioned jokingly this morning in a message to some friends on Young Persons' Facebook that I would not be sending a Christmas card to their sexy next-door neighbour (whom I met at their moving-in party three years ago), as I was too jealous of her boyfriend.

I subsequently discovered that their sexy neighbour's (now ex) boyfriend is not her boyfriend any more, and in actual fact possibly not technically a boy any more either, as he is in the process of having sex change operations. I thought this was some kind of a joke/wind-up at first, but have subsequently discovered that it isn't.

I'm still not sending her a card anyway, as I also found out that when they seperated she moved to Spain.

I know have an ear worm of the theme of the telly show. Arrgghh.

Ditto. But it's better than my last one, which was the Jason Donovan in the Iceland advert.

Tomorrow I am going to Ramsay Street. :)

Wow. Will there be photos?

Is that the actual Round The Twist lighthouse? Either way, yay!

It is indeed the actual Round the Twist lighthouse!


Were there ghosts?

soory I just comments on a strange thing hapening but I've been in a TWIST but not the light house

I'd love to live in a light house but I think I am on the wrong coast of Canada

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