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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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New Year's Resolution

After a lot of consideration as to what my resolution should be, I have decided to opt for painting my left knee green.

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Considering the alternatives, fairly good idea.

Learning to speak Arapahoe was quite tempting.

Do you have wisdom teeth still?

I demand the photo! :o)

On any particular day? We could make a whole thing out of it. There could be parades around the world in celebration of the great event!

You could buy a jumbo jet, of course. It's that time of year. How was your gran?

Does this mean that you can sing environmental protest songs a patella?

green is a very nice colour

I wish I had over seas texting on my mobile or I so would have texted you
Here's to 2009 whatever it may bring

the word I had to type in to see if I was a human was opium!!!!
b/c somehow I exited LJ

I hope your right knee doesn't feel all sad and left out.

I think I will join you. After I have buried all my clothes.

Under your bed?

An interesting mix of comments here, delineated by age and nationality...

After listening to the source material (rather bizarrely, it's on my iPod), I think I'd probably stick salami in my ears, but other than that, the knee option sounds the best of a rum bunch.

Good luck with it...

I was in Keith briefly on New Year's Eve and contemplated changing my name to Keith, but concluded that would be silly.

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