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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Laneway of Shoes, and other laneways

Flip flop
That Tuesday evening was one of the hottest I could remember. Mugley and I wandered the streets of Melbourne, hiding in the shade of the laneways, behind our cameras.

The first laneway that I remember, was perhaps Manton Lane. A laneway with chalk signs indicating that God was close by, which after following the arrow, revealed the Incredible Hulk painted onto a van. A laneway with a door within a door. There was also a Laneway commission, Agony/Ecstasy: a neon sign, flashing, of a person on the verge of agony/ecstasy. The "adult zone" sign was apparently not part of the exhibit.

Zevenboom Lane was strangely appealing. Amongst the used condoms, bright pink suitcases, and cobwebs, was a bag of shoes. Shiny pink sandals, a single green jelly, fluffy pig slippers, black boots, flip-flops, and others, buried amongst the trash. We positioned them around the laneway and photographed them.

In other laneways there was much colourful graffiti, figures made out of tape measures, and oh, a plethora of bins and crates.

Leaving the laneways behind, we checked out a few memorials: the slightly odd JFK memorial, but also a memorial that strangely had the date engraved on it as one thousands of years in the future, placed there by time-travellers.

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(Deleted comment)
Ah, odd. :(

I'm only going to be at my current address until February 6th. I'll message you the address anyway.

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