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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I went to see the doctor, but unlike doctors in the UK, he did not take my blood pressure. Instead he told me not to hitch-hike.

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I understand the principle may be applied to royal families,
who's business is to maintatin their noble blood.
They have to have sex in order to have child, at least one boy.
If they two or three daughters, it's considered they could not carried
their duty, and still "expected" to have another one.

Princess Masako is suffering from severe depression for long time, yet a scenario that she would have a boy still exists.
Sorry for them.

Women claim that they want to get divorce, because there is no conversation between she and her husband, which may not be accepted as a reason for divorce.

One of girl frineds from high school was having affair long time ago.
I asked her "why", and she said, "It's because there is conversation, and I told revealed him I was having affair, becuase of lack of conversation".


I'm worried about your knee. Are you OK now?

Does it hurts?

Poor baby. I'll give you a kiss.

I'm totally ready to live a life as lovely wife of RuiRui!

What the actual fuck is happening in these comments?

Thanks. Back to disallowing anonymous comments for me, I think; I get enough emails without this crap.

Thanks for that. The comments are coming from a Japanese IP address, so that fits, although I don't have any better ideas of what it is for. This is the translation of the actual Japanese bit, apparently:

This is so, but it's a strange logic, In short, the conversation of the couple is not quite YABAIRASHII. After all, a good husband, BUCHIMAKE here first? KURETARASHII know.
Now, I'm just getting back to Tokyo and bachelor weekend in Kobe.
It's just one of many cases.

It hurts my brane! I was wondering if Jodi had a strange secret admirer for a moment there.

Heh, I wish it was a secret admirer!

Well, I suppose it IS a good tip. But perhaps not quite pertinent . . . :)

Indeed. I was quite confused!

Bah! What do doctors know? I bet they've never hitched in their lives!

If you hitch-hike, you might get infected by Anonymous Commentus Japaneseitis!

Or maybe my doctor is a Japanese spammer.

I'm not worried about your knee, it's great!

Is it green from too much singing of "The Chicken Song"

It isn't green anymore, unfortunately. Do you think I should go back to the doctor and ask if I should sing The Chicken Song more?

Nor am I. It is a perfectly knee-like knee.

You need to report it to LJ abuse and make sure they can see this post on your LJ. Same for the other person.
Don't hitchhike because you might be picked up by a nutter? And we like you alive :D

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