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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The only cry
The only cry
I recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of my current Monochrome BBS account, which also means that there are at least 10 years of diaries/journals/blogs I have written online and which are easily accessible to me. (Previous public diaries were on Fidonet and hopefully have long since vanished.)

This LiveJournal itself is 8 years old, but the entries are not all in chronological order, since some entries were copied across from my Monochrome BBS diary.

Some of the entries make absolutely no sense to me now, and whether they did to me at the time, I don't know, but I am enjoying re-reading them anyway.

I quite miss 23 year old me. She amuses me.

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That's reminding me of something scary, my mono account is over 17 years old (the date on it is wrong from when they redid the user database, so I can't be sure exactly how old).

I imagine a lot of people's are that old. :)

When did you last log on?

I dunno how many people are left from that era. No idea when I last logged in, a couple of years ago maybe. I log inonce ina while but I wasn't there much after I shifted to talkers.

*sigh* I can't remember a 23 YO me, but then I'm not sure I'd want to now...

I'm sure chronologically it occurred, just has no "reality" for me... eons upon eons :P

(Deleted comment)
mono can be accessed by ssh now.
For reference there's no "gnommi" on there, if that helps?

This is your current account, I think?

Created : Fri Dec 2 17:12 '94
Last On : Tue Mar 7 17:52 '06

Your diary still exists on there too!

I joined Mono ~1991, so my account's about to come of age. (date is also wrong)

Scary biscuits.

1992 for me I think. Certainly the oldest edit I can find. Though this is the third copy of the account I'm on having lapsed after Uni, briefly re-incarnated when I got my first modem then finally resurrected properly when I got 'always-on' internet at home.

3am External

Yeah, I'm also on my third account incarnation for pretty much identical reasons (though my second account was "Plissken" cos someone else had registered "Cougar", just to aid confusion.)

You're lucky. If I met the 23-year-old me online now, I'd ban him, and he would probably complain about "freedom of speech".

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