Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Cape Otway Lightstation
Cape Otway Lightstation
It was dark to start with as they walked through the forest that night, and they remembered each other, six months ago, looking for caves, looking for brightness. It stayed dark that time and they found nothing.

On Sunday though, they were in Melba Gully, and it was then that things were different: they saw the forest glowing, little dots of light, like stars. They gazed for a while at the glow-worms, surprised at just how bright they really were.

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Yay! You finally found glow-worms :) :) :)

Finally! :)

Thanks for the postcard, by the way! It arrived today.

Glad the postcard got there safely :)

How is the job? Or would you be rather working for the dead jellyfish tourism agency?

When do I get my portrait!?

Japanese spam deleted. You get your portrait all the time! All the time, I tell you.

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