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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Zombie cam

Zombie cam
Just before Melbourne's 2009 Zombie Shuffle.

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I've been looking for other photos of me that people took on the zombie shuffle, but can't find any! Bah.

I was carrying a butterfly net with zombie butterflies and eyeballs in it.

Sorry don't have F***book, can you post it elsewhere?

I don't particularly like the photo, but at least it shows most of my costume.

Bound to get you a date to your next LUV!

I shall eat their brains!

(Deleted comment)
I had to eat many people, I'm sorry.

(Deleted comment)
I seem to have cunningly lost an arm in that photo. :)

Awesome. Good mixture of wistfulness and ZOMGBRANES!!!

Thanks! There were some great costumes at the shuffle, and lots of blood everywhere.

Thanks! I like being a zombie.

Nice shade of blue. Is that a hat, or a tattered headwound bandage?

It's a flowery ribbony headband thing, bought in a toyshop (in the fairy section) that I always imagine to be called Zombie Toys, because the letters before "ombie" are usually hidden. :)

Shiny! (Well, gory really, but still =p)

Good to see Melbourne is full of lovely, lovely brains.

Was it actually a Zombie Shuffle, or more of a Zombie Lurch?

Beautifully done. Which isn't what I've generally associated with zombies.

No brains here... Move along please...

Eep, the butterflies! XD Very nicely done outfit!

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