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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Buddha's Hand
Polly waffles and cherry ripes are not really an option for me to eat, as a vegetarian, but I still look for weird food to try. Recently, I've nibbled Buddha's Hand (see picture), sipped basil seed drink, and eaten feijoa.

I wanted to try white chocolate wasabi ice-cream or perhaps even hot cross bun flavour, but alas, the strangest flavours that Fritz Gelato had when I visited were caramelised fig and roasted almond, and cinnamon doughnut.

The Buddha's Day and Multicultural festival happening this weekend at Fed Square is apparently well known for its strange food - vegan deep fried oysters! vegan pork floss! radish cake! I also noticed that one of the vegan blogs that has photos of deep fried oysters also describes a vegan kangaroo BBQ. Definitely weird Australian food.

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Cheery ripes are not vegetarian? huh?

They contain gelatin, and I'm the kind of vegetarian that doesn't eat gelatin, so yeah, unfortunately they are not for me.

Bollacks, I have never looked at the ingredient list. they are Frogs favourite chockie from Australia. he is going to be gutted.

A lot of chocolate here seems to contain it, and even sour cream sometimes does. :(

Some good news! Coles own brand does not contain gelatin. No idea how similar their "cherry bites" are to cherry ripes, but the picture makes them look quite similar. I shall have to test them sometime soon. :)

:( I'm sorry.

Hmm.. I wonder if Coles own brand version contains it?

Aren't vegan deep fried oysters a contradiction in terms? O_o

I presume they are made of tofu or something. :)

In that case it should be called vegan deep fried tofu. Call, me crazy, but aren't oysters generally made from, erm, oyster..?

Happy to see you are still hunting for strange ice-cream flavours :) :) :)

Wow, I want to go to Australia for that ice cream place alone. :)

Trampoline has some pretty whacky flavours at times they had an easter one but it wasn't hot cross bun it was real yum! there's a place in sorrento i think that has some really odd flavors.

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