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Cabaret Nocturne

Girls compared toy guns, tiny plastic guns, they drew from their handbags, and as I tried to untangle my hair, after dancing, a girl told me I was beautiful, and looked like a pixie. I was supposed to be a gangster really, that's why I wore a hat. A boy also wearing a hat sat next to me and showed me his tattoo, which was also wearing a hat, but a different kind of hat, and when I told him I was leaving the country soon, he asked if I wanted a boyfriend for 10 days. The police stood by the dance floor, and I didn't realise they were real police until afterwards. I thought maybe they were gangsters too.

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Oh my is Cabaret Nocturne still running? Will there is still some hope for my social life then.

It is indeed still running, and had a Gangsters and Molls theme on Friday. It was at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. I wasn't really that impressed with the music though.

Oh god, theme nights. Oh, dear.

I have to admit I tend to prefer Golgotha and Z1-Fusion over Cabs.. and at the same time, really feel more and more like I've just gone off clubs altogether :/

(Deleted comment)
Sometimes they just turn up to make sure the bar's not serving people they shouldn't and stuff. All the recent anti-drunk laws in Melbourne, I assume.

Once we had cops show up at Nemesis, and I remember turning to someone else and saying, "Damn! It was cop night and I didn't know?" I thought they were people in fetish gear... but they were cops.

(And... wow. Nothing that interesting ever happens to me when I go to Cab Noc.)

Heh, I would also probably assume it was cop night!

I forgot to mention the guy with the knife, who kept menacingly tapping it on his hand (at least I think it was supposed to be a knife), and at one point he seemed to draw out a fan and it suddenly got windy, so maybe he was fanning me. I was mostly just confused by him.

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