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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Are you winking at the darkness, gathering sweet potatoes or less than seven, more than eight?

kulang sa pito labis sa walo - very crazy or idiotic. (Literally, less than seven, more than eight.)
kumindat sa dilim - to be disappointed (Literally, wink at darkness.)
mangamote - to gather sweet potatoes, or to reveal one's stupidity.

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I dispute that logic! Sweet potatoes (and by extension, those that gather them), are pretty awesome ^_^

I wonder if it's a variant on 'it doesn't take much brain to sneak up on a potato'

I just asked someone who actually speaks Tagalog. :) She said that it is kind of like if you don't study and pass your exams, you will end up having to just gather sweet potatoes.


It also said something like "reveal dull-mindedness, for example, in exams." So perhaps if you fail exams, you will end up having to work as a sweet potato farmer? Hmm.

That just sounds as mad as a bag of badgers...

I've done/been all three.

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