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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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404 Mermaids

I'm staying in Room 404. Maybe this means that if you looked for me, you wouldn't find me.

Today I'm thinking of buying some mermaid bait or repellent.
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I'm in San Francisco and am thinking of going to 826 Valencia, which sells mermaid bait:

I've been there, and it's awesome. There are a couple of similarly awesome shops on the same block.

It was great! I will probably have to go back before I leave to stock up on McSweeneys, and oh, more pirate supplies.

I didn't see any lard! (Which I am grateful for.)

You couldn't find your room, and now you have to become a mermaid and sleep in the bay?

I found the room, but maybe no-one else will be able to?

I am not sure whether I want to attract or repel mermaids. Well, I am going to go to the Pirate Supply Shop and see if they have any in stock. Although the stuff that helps you escape from the belly of a whale is tempting too.

The Pirate Supply Shop sounds awesome. If you're not bored with it, do take me there when I visit next week. I feel the need to be protected from mermaids and giant squids. :)

I think there was an episode of Round the Twist where that happened...

Bother, I'm two countries too late.

Whenever I see the "page not found" message my brain automatically generates the visual pun of a knight wandering around aimlessly, unable to locate his assistant.

I'd go with repellent. I can't think of any story I've seen where there's actually a benefit to finding them...

You have incorrectly guessed the purpose of your room:

You will need to bolt your door, because anyone else who is lost will automatically be redirected to your room. It might be best if you put a sign up, saying that they are definitely lost, and they should maybe try the index at reception.

Ooh, good point. I should try that. :)

sorry - replied in the wrong place. :os

They were out of stock! Eeek! The mermaids might start appearing!

At least you didn't get a 417: Expectation Failed!

(Having Googled a list of HTTP response codes, quite a lot of them are rather surreal in the context of hotel rooms...)

Heh, good point. There should be a hotel that is just made up of rooms with HTTP response codes and nothing else.

I once stayed in a hotel and got given room 404, I said to the receptionist "oh no, I'll never find that" and she looked at me like I was simple.

hum maybe!!
if you find yourself as to where you are that is important!

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