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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Giant Squid and Literary Landmarks

826 Valencia did not appear to have any mermaid repellent/bait in stock, but they did have sand to bury treasure under, scurvy begone, rope dust, and drawers full of enlightenment, lack, and oh, many other wondrous things. I ended up buying the giant squid repellent, which I shall daub on myself liberally as it seems there must be a great risk of being attacked by them here in San Francisco.

I also visited the City Lights bookstore, Jack Kerouac Alley, and am now writing this in Caffe Trieste. I also visited Get Lost, a travel bookshop, as it was selling a copy of Mundane Journeys - Field guide to color by Kate Pocrass, which suggests things to do in San Francisco.

Visiting all these literary landmarks is having the desired effect - it's making me want to write.

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Aw, you missed Vesuvio for beat poet bingo. I love love love that part of town (and that town as a whole).

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