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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Straight from the Heart

Questions from the Jason Donovan game:

What is Jason's favourite Beach?

Does Jason believe in Nuclear disarmament?

Describe where you would take Jason on your 1st date.

Does Jason like Michael Jackson's music?

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I have provided the correct answers as my answers to the poll, in case anyone is curious as to what the correct answers are.

(Apart from the third question, where I made the box too small, but anyway, the correct answer is something like:

The date would be at Jason's favourite time of day (sunrise) and Jason will be wearing his favourite clothes (jeans), and I will give Jason his favourite flowers (iris), and will cook him food that he loves (garlic bread) and give him his preferred drink (orange juice) and then we will meet Jason's favourite historical person (Joan of Arc) where Jason loves to go on holiday (tropical island), and we will watch his favourite cartoon (the Jetsons) and study his favourite subject at school (accounting).

Obvious, huh?)


The rest of the date sounds awesome mind. Apart from the sunrise thing. Sunrise!

I was a bit confused by the accounting one too. Jason the accountant. Hmm.

Ooh, he loves garlic bread too? I never knew he had such great taste! :D

How would the first date question have a correct answer? Also, I suspect my guess on the beach may be very wrong, as the game probably dates from when he'd mainly been in Australia.

Ah. I should have waited a couple of minutes and all would have become clear.

Unfortunately I have lost the rules to the game, but I think everyone who answers would probably get the question right about the first date.

favourite beach is where I live no way who is this Jason and is he single? :)

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