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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The confusion of super-powers

I no longer know what super-power I would like if I could have a super-power.

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I remain firmly convicted on this. The super-power i would most like is the USA.

But what would you do with it once you got it?

Err. Invade places without any seriously good reason?

I was thinking I'd like to have the USSR circa 1960.

How about the power to know which power to want?

I was just going to say that, but on reflection, it is a pretty crap super-power.

More effective would be the super-power to have any super-power. Then you could have the super-power to know which super-power to have, then change to have that super-power. It might be a little meta for anything that doesn't break the fourth wall though.

Kind of like wishing to have more wishes, I suppose, but then it may go wrong (and have hilarious consequences), as the wishes in books such as 5 Children and It seem to.

I really have to read the E. Nesbit books again, I remember my mother reading us them...

...but yes, I'm sure it could be worked around. I just thought that the power to know what power would be best could result in the answer "the power to know what power would be best" i.e. itself. Wanting to have the power to know the _next_ power would then tell you "the power to know the next best power", and knowing all of the best powers in order would give you an infinite number of "knowing the nth best power" powers at the start.

Of course then you could want the power to know the best powers that didn't involve knowing which powers were best. In which case, your best power would be the power to know the best powers that didn't involve knowing which powers were best. And so on.

Given that if you look at it like this, there are an infinite number of best powers that you could have which involve knowing which best power you could have - and come to think of it, a high order of infinity, not just any old infinity - perhaps statistically you could say that the best bet is to go for one of those. Or just settle on being able to turn things into bees, or something.

That sounds like an extremely frustrating power!

Indeed. the only problem that it would solve is the one that you currently have.

I'm afraid that our Moms may say, "How tiny wedding cake!",
when they see our one or two layers modest sized wedding cake,
which cost more than ten times than they appear.

Will eating a slice of the wedding cake give people super-powers?

I've finally decided on manipulation of the space-time continuum. You could go anywhere you wanted with no travel expenses whatsoever, and, well, who doesn't wish they could control time? The only drawback is that you might develop a fixation over controlling time and never be able to move on, or try to correct all your past mistakes and end up in a future where bad things happened that arose from the corrected mistakes; and then you might realize you should go back and re-make all the original mistakes, etc. etc.

In that case, I may have to limit it to just the space continuum...

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