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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Mystery of the Giant Rubber Band Ball

Golden Gate Bridge
Apparently, in the narrow aisles of a corner shop, named Pride Superette, in San Francisco, there once existed a giant rubber band ball. fluffymark and I went to investigate. We were surprised to find that the shop was still there and had a sign on it that said it was open from 8 until 10. We were not sure if that was AM or PM, but the shop was closed. We tried the door, but it was locked, and another random person, who may or may not have also been in search of the giant rubber band ball also failed at entering the shop. Therefore, this LiveJournal entry contains no pictures of giant rubber band balls, just the Golden Gate Bridge instead, which you can imagine a giant rubber band ball bouncing along. I did find small rubber band balls for sale at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art though.

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I love that picture!!! It's rare to find pictures of the bridge that are the same view as my tattoo!!!

I'm VERY jealous that you're there!!! I love San Francisco!

Is that your tattoo in your user icon? Looks cool!

I wonder where the rubber band ball is now? I hope it exists, even if we couldn't see it. Like the Golden Gate Bridge. I like your photo with the fog - it's good fog that almost looks like it's been photoshopped into the photo, but I know really you must have taken a photo of fog and photoshopped the bridge into it ;)

I think the rubber band ball must have bounced away, since I can't find any recent reports of sightings of it.

That photo was taken when the fog had mostly cleared! See how there are actually blue patches? :)

(Deleted comment)
aww that giant rubber ball out of rubber bands would be awesome

the bridge is nice great pic! so misty

I know what you mean about the bubble gum today I found gum made with sugar and not that shit aspertame every damn gum had aspertaime innit I found 1 brand that is untainted hurrah!!!!

PS I have not had bubble gum in so damn long...

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