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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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What words look like

Anyone fancy coming to see Douglas Coupland talk about what words look like, and the power of text as an art object, at the ICA in London on Thursday September 3rd? Helvetica is also being shown that evening, so I might go and see that as well.

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That sounds so interesting. Too bad I don't live in England. :(

Those pesky teleportation devices still haven't arrived.

Depends on the timing, got to be in Brighton that night but could get later train. Would like to see DC!

Hmm, it starts at 6.45pm, and will definitely be over by 8.30pm, although not sure exactly when it ends.

(Deleted comment)
Is it better to see it on a big screen, do you think?

Oh, that sounds interesting, yes! :)

I've already bought a ticket, but tickets are available here:
Douglas Coupland on What Words Look Like.

I wish I hadn't fallen asleep in the evenings earlier this week, as I've just come to book this and now it's all sold out :(

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