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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Pink tentacles and sea lettuce, pink encrusting seaweed and coral weed, beadlet anemones and orange mushroomy ears, and red stones, and little fish. I peered into a rockpool at Prussia Cove. Oh, they all glistened with clouds, and it was like staring into another world.

One day I will go scuba-diving or snorkelling, and maybe I'll get a waterproof camera so I can show you what I see.

I've returned from Cornwall now, but in Kent, apparently there are good rockpools at Samphire Hoe and Botany Bay, so I may visit them.

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It will be nice if we can get upgraded to suite room.

It will be nice if we can get upgraded to no spam.

These really are annoying, aren't they?
I switched anon comments off last night because I received four of these within a minute of posting.

I got 22 over about five hours last night. I have them screened - I'm almost getting to like them, trying to find some sort of thread to link them together.

I had them screened, too but I still get a notification email for each and that's annoying.

Rock pools! They're ace!

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