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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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The Mystery of the Dancing Stones

Lanyon Quoit
Lanyon Quoit
I saw Stonehenge on my way to Cornwall, but Cornwall also has stone circles, quoits, cairns, holed stones, fogous, logan stones, and other ancient stone features, so I decided to investigate some of these. I saw the Merry Maidens, a stone circle, formed out of girls who danced on a Sunday and were turned to stone for doing so. I saw Chysauster Ancient Village, a late Iron Age village, consisting of the remains of stone houses, covered with heather. I saw the Lanyon Quoit. (A quoit is otherwise known as a dolmen, and is part of a tomb). I saw Carn Kenidjack, also known as the "hooting tor", supposedly a den of giants, witches and dancing devils. I saw Logan's Rock, from a distance, while on the boat to the Isles of Scilly. I saw a St Buryan sanctuary marker, allowing wrong-doers to claim sanctuary, even while outside of the church.

I didn't see the Tregeseal East Stone Circle (also known as the Dancing Stones), probably because I did not walk far enough. I think the stones were surrounded by cows in a field I didn't walk into. Modern ordnance survey maps and the St-Just-in-Penwith Area Guide both mark the Tregeseal Stone Circle at the same place (SW387 324), south of Carn Kenidjack. Apparently there were once two or three stone circles, in a east/west line. (According to one website I found, one of the stone circles was destroyed due to a farmer removing the stones when he wanted to plough the field.)

The 1966 Ordnance Survey, which I was using, did not have the circle marked at that point, but instead, "logan stone". (A logan stone is a rocking stone.) To the north of Carn Kenidjack, on the 1966 guidebook, a circle was marked.

The remaining Tregeseal Stone Circle (at SW387 324) has apparently been subject to heavy restoration over the years, but so much so that it has moved to the south? Or so much so that in 1966, it was a logan stone, and has now grown into a stone circle? Other reports of the circle say that over the years, the amount of stones in the circle has increased, so that there are now nineteen stones.

I am confused by the whole circle, of the stones that have danced from where they once were. I did not see the stones, but I imagine them dancing, over the tor, around the logan stone, from the west circle to the east, dancing non-stop, and maybe the mystery is what music they were dancing to.