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Port Melbourne


It's a year since I arrived in Melbourne, hoping I'd never leave. My working holiday visa has expired now, so there's no turning back.

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But now you've experienced the glamour and glitz of sunny Wrexham, how could you even want to?

Exactly! It has actually been sunnier than I had imagined. (So far.) :)

Ah. We have this thing over here called 'winter'. You're going to love it!

I am hoping for vast amounts of snow!

I always hope for that.

Tell you what, if either of us actually gets it we Must Have a Snowball Fight, for it is written.

Written right here in this comment, in fact.

Would that involve throwing snowballs at a computer screen? I guess, like Table Tennis for Three, but with snowballs, instead of ping-pong balls?

I had to google that! At first I thought it was awesome, then lame, but now I'm veering back to awesome.

Anyway... how far can you throw a snowball? not allowed

I think it is awesome, but would be more awesome with snowballs. Most things are.

It is many years since I last threw a snowball, so I highly suspect I have gained super throwing powers in that time.

Look, just because you keep rolling around in all that radioactive waste you found does not mean you have superpowers. You'll be lucky if you've gained half decent throwing powers at best. And that would get a large (accounting for melt due to drag) snowball up to Northwich at best.

Hmm. Oddly enough, the Malcolm In The Middle episode with the hugely powerful slingshot is now on TV.

I could just throw a ball of radioactive waste instead, I suppose.

Now that's a fun game for all the family!

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Ah yes, I remember you had great views there!

Melbourne looks so shiny. Things are older here.

Heh, looks like they're celebrating it, too!

They're having a party but you're not invited

Heh, looks like they're celebrating it, too! New logo: They're having a party but you're not invited

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