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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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House-warming party on 14th November 2009 will have the theme of: Eyes, Pies and Dragonflies.

I am also planning to celebrate my 40th birthday on February 27th 2010, probably in London, so mark it on your calendar now.

Songs about eyes?

Songs about pies?

Songs about dragonflies, dragons, flies, or things that fly?

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I had already assumed it was a typo.

Either that, or not base 10. ;-)

Not a typo. I could celebrate my 50th instead, I suppose? I was thinking I'd just celebrate my 40th birthday on my 30th birthday, and my 30th birthday on my 40th birthday. Something like that.

Switching them around is probably good, because you won't care about your 40th as you feel young, and you'll enjoy your 40th as it'll actually be your 30th.

I'm unsure why nobody else has decided on this plan...

Plus, it feels like less pressure. I don't need to plan something cool for my 30th yet, since I won't be celebrating it until approximately 2020!

But you do need to plan something cool for your 40th. However, it can probably just be cheese and nibbles...

Yeah. I've decided not to wait until I'm actually 40 to celebrate my 40th.

I thought I may just have lost a decade or so... :)

By 2010, time travel will obviously be a possibility, so the 40 year old me might well attend this party. Unless she has better things to do, I suppose.

It depends where they deploy the time barriers.

(And on whether or not there are temporal travel routeworks that day. If it's going to be a long journey, you might not want to bother.)

Is that like the lane barriers they put up for when kids go bowling?

No, those are for funnelling. These are for stopping.

The last thing you want to do is hit a time barrier. It's very easy to build up a lot of temporal inertia, which makes hitting a time barrier... messy.

When the moon hits your like eye like a big pizza pie, that's a dragonfly.

you're looking pretty good for 40 ;)

and I turn 40 on April 9, 2010.

irrelevant but fun anyways

Are you going to celebrate your 50th?

what if you celebrated how many years you had left?

30 years until death!

I was thinking about having a 11111th birthday party next year, what with it being my 11111th birthday.

My boss was amused when I pointed out that, in binary, he celebrates his one-millionth birthday this year.

I look forward to your bash - sorry I can't make this one, due to intervening water and buildings.

Give it a couple of years and it'll be true in octal, or is that your 100000th?

40 in 2010? how is that I'll be 37 and I am older than you

oh nevermind...
lazy eye Silversun Pickups
Close my eyes Manics
This night has opened my eyes the Smiths
Eye in the sky Alan Parsons Project
Can't take my eyes off you
eyes open snow patrol
bette davis eyes Kim Carnes?
Bright eyes Art Garfunkle or Manics version

eyes of a stranger teh Payola$ get teh Can Con in there as I will sadly be absent from your party
Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pie(r) heheee
Dragonfly Pie Stephen Malkmus
Honey Pie the Beatles
learing to fly the foo fighters

I erased my answers thinking I'd just have another submission d'oh been away from LJ too damn long
and erased my answers now I cannot remember what I had for your last question

and I know loads more songs too..
and most importlantly- Fly by Night RUSH
Spiders and FLies Mercury Rev

here is the ultimate "eyes" song

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