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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I wandered around Manchester for a while after BarCamp, taking photos of Vurt, of reflections, of red tree bark, brightly coloured leaves in puddles, of abandoned wigs, and oh, all kinds of random things. BarCamp was awesome, and Manchester.. well..'One particularly weak point in the barrier between dream and reality existed in the psychic air that surrounded Manchester.' - Jeff Noon.

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I think of it more as a weak spot between weather wind and wind-sea.

Well, I live in Wrexham.

Hmm, 'weather' was not meant to make an appearance in that sentence, although I think it was beyond redemption in any case.

But yes, you do live in Wrexham. I'm guessing the conditions there are equally unpleasant?

'I think of it more as a weak spot between wind and sea.' perhaps?

I am not fond of the weather here at all.

Perhaps! Though that _would_ pretty much be a definition of windsea, which is the apparently hard-to-google state of the ocean when winds are so high the waves stop being a surface and the whole thing just becomes a chaotic foamy mess of air and water.

And I don't think Manchester's quite that bad...

But I suck at metaphor. I suck so much I think this might be more of a simile I am sucking at. Um.

But I think we can agree at least that the weather doth sucketh.

love teh poics!!!

by definition a crush must hurt is outstanding the sculputre looks amazing in the shadowed picture.
your collage is fabulous.

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