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Things to See and Do

Things to Do:
20th December - London: Tube Walk 72.
21st December - Brighton: Burning The Clocks.
28th December - London: Monochrome BBS London Micro Meet.

Art Installations to See:
London: Bunker by Robert Kusmirowski at the Barbican.
London: Seizure by Roger Hiorns at Artangel.
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I've always wanted to go to Burning the Clocks, but never quite made it, so am hoping to this year, although it is not definite yet whether I will be able to (might have to work).. but yes, if I do go and you do go, we should meet up. :)

when I come back to the UK this time we are going to do one!!a tube walk and hopefully will be summer so we can play out side til way later go to graveyards adn empty tube stations and stuff

in Brighton the burning clocks looks cool too

have loads of fun

When are you coming back to the UK? Definitely come in the summer! Tubewalks and graveyards and empty stations sound like a good plan. :)

I'll likely be at the tubewalk :)

Excellent. I wonder if I can actually find my badge, since it has been some years since I went on a tubewalk.

How was Iceland?

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