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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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First entry of each year since 2000

1.1.00 - cover bridges in glitter

Glitter, not stuck to card, but meandering the sky, so twinkly. People cheering to the crackling end of world soundtrack, awaiting the next explosion. Afterwards, a mobile phone stuck to every ear, voices wondering where their friends are. They're dead, i tell you, the world has ended.

First drink of 2000: Pepsi Max
First food of 2000: Mini Cheddars

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Thu Jan 4 00:22:31 2001]--

Without text screamy oaf, work none too quickly
Just hollow, this doesn't last as long
No metal screaming bits in real naysaying
Complain and creepily mundane for two obnoxious twists
Hair catching retreat, can't cope, play games
Metal life clips the house
Hipster wasps fall on the floor
Hideous different ties
I tend to use young intellectual latte
To quadruple my mainstream body

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Wed Jan 2 22:43:54 2002]--

Subject: 2002

This year, I have mainly been sleeping. I shall continue to sleep throughout
the year, I am fairly sure.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Thu Jan 9 22:32:25 2003]--

Subject: Frozen draughts and colours

I step across the pavements, and every slab has a puddle-shaped ice covering in
the middle of it. Frosty patterns, like frozen draughts on an iced up draught

I stand at the bus-stop, feeling cold, and thinking about the person who froze
to death waiting for a bus, when a building was only a few minutes away. They
just thought the bus would appear at any moment, just like I keep thinking the
bus will appear.

Colours keep popping into my head. Adam asked me to name 20 colours the other
day, and ever since then, new ones keep appearing.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Sat Jan 10 13:45:08 2004]--

Subject: Lying down underneath an electricity pylon

One of my vague resolutions last year was to see 13 dawns in 13 towns. Dawn
failed to fill my mind with images of the emerging sun, although I'm sure I
didn't dream through them all. I changed the resolution to just be in 13 towns
for 13 dawns.

Southampton, Eynsford, London, Bishop's Castle, Slough, Poole, Leicester,
Sheffield, Heathrow (am counting it as a different town - can't remember where
I was at dawn, maybe Havant), Wrexham (Wales), Paris (France), Miami (USA),
Lanzarote (Canary Islands).

This year, my resolution is to lie down in 13 places where I wouldn't normally
lie down, not beds or floors in people's houses, but putting greens and
shopping malls and underneath electricity pylons. I just don't see the sky or
ceilings enough from that angle, and now I resolve to.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Sun Jan 2 22:34:05 2005]--
Subject: The Lighthouse of Insomnia

The phone acts as a lighthouse, flashing, signaling for me to keep away from
the rocks in my mind that are hindering my attempts at sleep. I imagine a boat
swaying gently on the waves, but it is my legs that are swaying as I lie in

11th January 2006 - Octopus of the Woods
Octopus of the Woods

6th January 2007 - Perfume

She watched Perfume: The Story of a Murderer last night, which she found intriguing, even after having read the book. She arrived home and smelt a soft toy that belonged to her grandmother, to see if she could still smell her grandmother's scent on it. She wasn't sure if she could, since it smelt mostly dusty.

She wonders what other people would want to capture the scent of and thinks that sometimes it would be the way people smelt that they miss, of past lovers.

She stands by the postbox and sniffs it gently, trying to catch traces of love letters dowsed in perfume, hiding in the depths of the postbox, impatient to reach their destination. Instead, she smells only the metallic tang of the red postbox and does not even know if there are letters inside.

She wanders to Rose Road to see if it was named that because of the way it smells, but all she can smell is the butterfly bush, still in bloom. She adds the smell of roses to the street and imagines the pavements cracked with roses growing through them.

She thought about visiting Lime Street, Almond Road and Cherry Walk, but the sun had began to set. She ran towards the sun, chasing the sunset through the graveyard, but did not reach the vivid pink and orange stripes of colour before they disappeared.

3rd January 2008 - Enchanted Garden and Viaduct

Tree in the Enchanted Garden, Sheffield Park Garden, East Sussex. More photos on Flickr: Enchanted Garden.

Viaduct in Eynsford, Kent.

Other things I did in the last week of December, according to Twitter:
December 28th: Searched for grotesques in a graveyard.
December 31st: Played in the snow at Kew, while taking a break from triffid hunting.


1st January 2009 - New Year's Resolution

After a lot of consideration as to what my resolution should be, I have decided to opt for painting my left knee green.

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'This year, my resolution is to lie down in 13 places where I wouldn't normally
lie down

I like this resolution. Did you do it?

I mostly forgot about it and am not sure I managed it more than about once. Maybe I should try it again for 2010?

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