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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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A small child who looked a bit like me was colouring something in, or maybe reading, although I do not remember what now. A bear landed in the garden, by the pond, and the child who looked a bit like me was alarmed and started screaming, "a bear! a bear! there's a bear!". The child's mother rushed into the room, but when she saw the bear, she was convinced she saw a heron flying away, as bears were not often seen in gardens in the south of England. Not at that time of year, anyway.

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Well, I was going to a link to a video of Mulligan & O'Hare singing about the bear (A Bear? Where? There by the stair!), but it doesn't seem to exist. In fact, it may never have existed.

Synchronicity time:

No, it never existed. It was done by Vic & Bob-inspired friend at school (ie, 12+ years ago), and he just referred to it on my Facebook.


Slightly unnerving to discover that bears are masters of disguise!

Bears, goats, raptors and the Welsh. You gotta be prepared.

How does one prepare for the Welsh though?


In the afternoon.


I loved the whimsy in this. <3
You sounded so cute as a child. ^_^

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