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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Hope, Giants and Ghosts

Caergwrle Castle
I was in Hope yesterday, before I walked to the next village, Caergwrle. Wikipedia explains that a myth was developed to explain the name, and that a giant named Gwrle lived at the castle. I visited the castle, but did not find any giants, nor any ghosts at the supposedly haunted bridge in Caergwrle. I did find magical elves though, and a picture of Dafydd on a blue winged horse.

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I used to help an archaeologist excavate Caergwrle Castle during the summer holidays! When I say "help", in fact I meant I played with the archaeologist's dog Ziggy a lot. I used to throw sticks into big pools of water and Ziggy would plunge in, get sopping wet, and shake herself dry over everyone much to their disgust. At one point I played with Ziggy so hard that I trod in a painstakingly excavated section of history and destroyed it. At which point I become something of a persona non grata with the archaeologists of Caergwrle.

Actually, now that I come to think about it, all of the above may have happened at the Minera Lead Works, not Caergwrle. But I did excavate at Caergwrle at the same time! The head archaeologist there liked to swan about in a hot pink boiler suit.

Maybe the head archaeologist was actually Dafydd? He'd look good riding that horse wearing a hot pink boiler suit.

Is the Minera lead works worth visiting?

Hey Jodi. I'm commenting here because this is the easiest way I have to reach you. If you're staying in Wrexham I probably have a job for you in a couple of months. Email me seamusmccauley@yahoo.com


My housemate wants you to know that he comes from Oswestry. Apparently, this is relevant to your interests. Or something.

It's perfectly legit. I'm a friend of Jodi's who happens to have lost her email address. And oddly enough I will have a job in Oswestry later this year too - if your housemate wants to send me a CV on the same email address I'd be delighted to hear from them.

You mean her real name's not Squirm? I'm so disappointed.

I'll let my friend know!

Also, I only said that because I can't help but make crappy internet in-jokes. I'm a terrible person....

Daffyd the only gay in the village

YOu have the best adventures. *jealous* Victoria is sooooo bloody boring.
ooh bits of roof fell off of the Bay building whooohhooo

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