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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Morrisby Profile

Did anyone else take the Morrisby test when they were at school? (A 4 hour long test that told you what your career should be.) I just found the report for mine (taken about half my lifetime ago) and these were the careers it suggested would suit me:

1. Chemistry (research)
2. Civil Service - scientific office
3. Polymer science
4. Textile technologist
5. Engineering - chemical
6. Systems analysis (computers)
7. Computer programming
8. Chemistry (industrial)
9. Architecture
10. Engineering - civil
11. Insurance - underwriter/broker
12. Advertising executive

I wonder what it would suggest if I took it again now.

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I did take that test yeah, but I can't remember what my results were except for the top one was Librarian which really annoyed me!

It was a weird test! I don't think I ever took much notice of it though, and certainly never pursued a career in chemistry.

I went to see the careers person at school as I was looking for some inspiration (or even a clue) as to what I could do post-school. All they could suggest was a YTS and even then, not actually a YTS in wany particular area! (It was an area of very high unemployment, so perhaps 'any' job was seen as a success?)

I've just bumbled through trying different things out since then - although I'm thinking I'm definitely on the right track now. I wonder if the Morrisby test would have saved me some time?

Sounds like not a very useful careers advisor!

I am unsure how useful the Morrisby test was, but I guess if you didn't really have much of an idea of what you wanted to do, it might have been useful for inspiration. I look at it now and think ooh, maybe I should become a textile technologist, but at the time I was very certain about what I wanted to do, so it wasn't very helpful for me then. I used to spend hours in the careers library at my school playing Snake with my friends. :)

I did some type of aptitude test when I was a kid and I got this truly bizarre combination of careers.

One-- the only "peopley" one-- of which was marriage counsellor.

I still find that fucking hilarious.

Oddly enough, my Morrisby profile also just came to light, and is in a pile of stuff I've just been through.

Broadcasting (radio & TV), advertising copywriter, journalism, law, public relations, teaching, librarianship, information science, diplomatic service.

Hmmm... some things I'd like to do, one or two things I'd rather die than do, but not what I ended up doing. Pretty average computerised test, I guess...

I remember that test! It came up with 'Colour Technologist' and 'Fish Curer and Smoker'.

We had to do one which involved putting thick black lines through the options so they could be scanned.

One of my best friends tried very hard to make sure to only put preferences suitable for being a pirate. For the life of me, I don't recall which careers those options yielded, but I'd like to remember it as Lawyer, Investment Banker, P.E.Teacher

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