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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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Recipes I have cooked so far this year from Leah Leneman's Vegan Cooking for One book: 26.

Ingredients I had never used before: semolina and millet.

Family members worried that I would start chirping after eating millet: 1.

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(Deleted comment)
My mum was convinced that it should only be used as bird food, so I read out bits of the Wikipedia article on it to her, to make it sound like a more legitimate food suitable for human beings.

The millet didn't taste of much really, but works quite well as a thickener. I made millet and vegetable stew with it, but there also seem to be recipes in the book for millet chilli, millet and cashew patties with tomato sauce, millet pilaf, millet and vegetable gratin. I will probably have to take the book back to the library before I manage to cook many of those though.

(Deleted comment)
I suppose that cuts out the middle-man

Don't know whether you're chirping, but you do tweet some time. I've been looking into whether I can make it to your birthday thing but looks difficult. Only have two lessons on Sunday but cannot cancel them... :/

I've got some quinoa (which I refuse to pronounce 'keen-wah') and I'm pretty sure I cooked it wrong; the texture was frankly just odd.

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