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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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"Where have I been? Nowhere."

Googlemaps revealed a place called Nowhere in Chester, so I jumped on a train, and soon the border was crossed and I was in England.

I passed the black and white striped houses, and people shouting about sin, and made my way through the crowds, with a jaffa cake milkshake as subsistence, until I had left the centre of Chester, and was at Grosvenor Bridge. It was then that I got my first tantalising glimpse of Nowhere, hiding behind the trees. I crossed the bridge and wandered into Overleigh Cemetery, hoping to spot the grave of the Chewing Gum Girl, but I was out of luck, so I continued onwards until I found myself on River Lane.

There was an elderly couple walking in my direction, so to avert suspicion, I took some photos of the River Dee and the bridge I had earlier crossed. Once they were out of sight, I continued, and there on my right was the house that is Nowhere. Two signs on the fences indicated so, and another on the white house itself behind the fence also agreed.

I listened to Nowhere Man by the Beatles on my MP3 player, as apparently John Lennon visited Nowhere and was later inspired by to write the song. I also listened to The Man from Nowhere, by Throbbing Gristle, in case it was about the same person.

A squashed beer can found nearby was obviously proof that Nowhere really was once an 'unofficial pub' (according to Chester Virtual Stroll). When people were asked where they had been, they could answer 'nowhere'. I am unsure why there was a pair of jeans in the bushes though.

Grosvenor BridgeThe House that is Nowhere
Entrance to NowhereJeans

(Cross-posted to SF0: Centroid Exploration.)

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Perhaps this should have been "Where are my jeans?" ;o)
Lovely story.

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