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Skyberries and Voidmelons or Voidberries and Skymelons

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I want the world to seem more vivid, and a new pair of glasses should help ward off the blurriness that the outside world has become entrenched in. My eyes have been tested, so now I am trying to decide upon which kind of glasses.

Classic spy glasses with a camera and mp3 player in them are good, but are unfortunately sunglasses and not prescription glasses, so maybe some Japanese glasses would be better?

Glasses that buzz if I start to fall asleep?
Glasses that fog up if I look at a computer screen for too long?
Or maybe glasses that translate what I am saying?

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Yeah, I really want the ones which fog up if you don't blink enough, to help with my eyestrain. Shame they're so expensive.

Hah, the spy glasses are excellent but they should really have a green and a red lens. The specs aren't quite right, Spider's has 2GB of memory. ;)

I'd go with the last ones. No. 1 seems too painful, and no. 2 probably isn't safe for driving. But the third one would be so cool, imo.

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